With changing times and advancements in technology various messaging platforms like whats app are taking over the traditional texting or sms. This is majorly because of the fact that traditional texting invokes charges from the cellular network. With services like whats app this is not the case since it makes use of internet to deliver texts. But traditional texting services have their own advantages like they can be sent even to those who do not have a smart phone. Messaging platforms like whats app work only on smart phones that have an internet access unlike traditional SMS that can be sent to anybody. As for the cost factor is concerned there are free third party websites that offer sms services without any cost. Also many of them have the facility to send free SMS without showing number.

These websites help send instant messages to any mobile anywhere in the world provided there is some kind of network connectivity available. This facility has been a boon for people who are looking to communicate without a cellphone and there is a technical difficulty in doing so. Also unlike whats app these SMS services do not occupy the space on your mobile phone. These services are apt for those who are looking to send bulk sms for various reasons like marketing their business or products. Now the question arises how do we use these websites? The first step and requirement is to have a mobile device like a lap top or a desktop computer with a valid internet connection and cellular number. The next step is to look for a website that offers these services. There are two types of such websites where one is required to register prior to using their services and there are others which the services without any registration formalities. Another differentiation is one where the sms shows the sender details and other where the detail can be kept anonymous. These types of services to send free SMS without showing number are used for various reasons like if you wish to prank someone or for the purpose of SMS marketing.

The services are completely hassle free and the data is kept secure with the service provider. Also these are not utilised for the purpose of sending promotional SMSes later or spamming your phone. There is no limit on the number of texts you send or the number of characters that have been used in the text. These types of sms services are generally quiet user friendly but a few tips are necessary before sending texts. It is always advisable to choose websites that require registration. This would help keep a track of all the conversations. Other then this always make sure that you enter the country code and select area if it is prerequisite of the website. This ensures that the SMS is delivered timely. But one must ensure that the services are not misused for harassing or stalking any one as the feature of anonymity is maintained on a very primary level. If any case of harassment or misuse is reported the user can be easily tracked via the IP address.