A person may lie because of so many things like they don’t want someone to know about their ugly past, they might want to save themselves and their family, or maybe they are applying for a new job and don’t want their future employers to know about their ugly side. When it comes to employing a potential employee, it is important that you gather or know everything about them including their past behavior with their most recent employers. You may not know that they are doing some bad things which is why they were sacked from that job. You can never be sure when it comes to people that you just met, especially with the ones that are applying, because it is possible that they are just being nice at the beginning.

There are a lot of companies that would use a lie detector test whether or not it’s for incoming employees or those that are already a part of the company. Private employers, though, are not required to have potential employees undergo a lie detector test. There are those companies that are a part of a security firm that require a lie detector test during their pre-employment screening. Banks and pharmaceutical companies are also practicing this. This is to prevent inside jobs from happening plus, it is important to ensure the well-being of the citizens.

Preventing their employees from committing any misdemeanors

There are companies that require this due to their anti-theft program and if employees know that they can be subjected to a lie detector test in the future, they will be forced to act and work truthfully. You cannot always be sure if your employee will be inspired to do things that can hurt your business and your other employees, so it is important that you also think that some people will not be affected because of the fault of that one employee.

In order for you to resolve the issue at hand

There are times that even if your employee already know that they can be asked to do a lie detector test if they are being suspected of doing something that has hurt your business. In these cases, you cannot force them to do it. but if they refuse, their jobs may be at stake and they will be raising more red flags. There are some employees that would just do the test in order to spare their jobs which is more important and won’t let their feelings of being distrusted getting in the way.

What does the EPPA have to do with all of this?

The Employee Polygraph Protection Act was issued by the federal law which basically means private employers don’t require potential employees to take a lie detector test. They are only allowed when the suspected employee has a lot of evidence against him/her where he/she did something wrong that have affected the company in a very bad way and has cost you a lot. The only type of lie detector test that they could take is the polygraph test which is the fastest process so you can get the results right away. They can say no to the test though, but this will cost their jobs.

A lie detector test comes in handy so you could better control your employees and make sure that they are doing anything bad. If you want to know more about this, just visit http://www.liedetectortest.com/ and you will see the many factors of using a lie detector test.