Upgrading your business logo design looks challenging for many and in a way it is! There are far too many business out there that launched their logo designs, only to be harshly criticised by logo design experts and even ordinary consumers. You may think it is not the end of the world to neglect your logo design, but a bad logo design will always come back to haunt you. So what are the signs that you need a logo redesign?

Your logo design is old and outdated

Perhaps you have used a colour pattern that was popular back in the day, but now it just looks old and outdated. Or, perhaps your existing logo design indirectly sends a different message today than the one you were trying to convey in the past. According to Magicdust, your logo design must match your business goals and not your personal preferences. Therefore, any element that fails to support your business message must be eliminated.

Your logo design is baffling

There are some logos that simply baffle most people upon first glance. If you have noticed that whenever you show people your logo design they have that puzzling look, it is an indicator that something is amiss. Or, perhaps your colour pattern doesn’t quite look right even though the original black and white draft of your logo looked OK.

Tips For a Great Logo Design Relaunch

Conduct your own research

Take some time to examine former business logo designs and their newer versions to find out what has been successful and what has simply failed to hit the mark. There are many examples of logo updates (both famous and less famous) online and in bookshops.

Specify the reason for upgrading

Whether you plan to upgrade your logo design because it’s already a decade old or because it no longer serves your branding purpose, you have to specify the reason (or reasons) behind your decision so you can take and follow a better plan of action. Then, while you are busy designing your logo make sure that you constantly refer back to this vision for your new logo design.

Decide whether you will go for a full or partial makeover

Perhaps your logo design may benefit from smaller changes such as simply changing the colour scheme or size. Though, major changes will be needed when it simply looks confusing and outdated. Even if you are going for a full redesign, keep at least one recognisable element of your logo intact so that customers can still tell who you are.

Craft multiple variations

In many cases it takes more than just one version to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Do not settle with the first logo design your designer creates without comparing it to an alternative version first. If you are unsure, remember that you can ask the opinion of your colleagues or a team of experts to find the best possible version and ditch the poorer ones