Instagram Insights

Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular social media marketing tools. First, it was developed to share only photos and videos. Even people didn’t go beyond that, but now it has many excellent features especially for the business people. Many of the organization using the Instagram platform for their marketing campaigns. For any brands big or small, Instagram has to be the priority for building brand awareness. Many of the users have purchased something or dealt with a business that they discovered on Instagram. It allows you to promote your brand in an authentic way. In sharemyinsights you could get essential Instagram statistics that help to grow your brand.

If you are a marketer and not using an Instagram platform, then definitely you are missing out something big. Whether you need to promote a big corporation or small one or even need to promote your personal brand incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy is a must. If you are still unsure about Instagram is good for business, then look out the below points.

Instagram is a place for storytelling:

As we all grown up by hearing stories, Instagram recreates the same thing that can be used to gain an audience. You can tell an interesting story about your struggles or any other part of life to have an emotional connect with the audience. Many people would like to know about the business people, and sharing visual content is a great way to attract an audience. Try to tell the stories behind the scenes, because for promoting brands you have many other options. The people should know you that gives an emotional response to your brand.

Instagram Insights

Perfect opportunity to engage:

It is essential to know that Instagram has the highest average engagement rate of all other social media channels. Instagram gives you a perfect opportunity to engage with your community. You could easily follow people and talking to them about your products or services. You can also comment on their photos and videos that makes you connect with them easily. Using a unique hashtag you could inspire the followers. Real engagement is a very important metric as it leads to loyal customers and increases your sales. Engaging your followers is not about publishing photos you have to connect with them more personally.

A source of useful feedback and insights: 

A smart marketer would always track and monitor their brand image in the social media. Many of them give valid feedback about your brand, and you should not ignore that. It is more essential to know how customers perceive your brand. You have to utilize the Instagram insights to have a better understanding of the brand reach. Consider using to discover how people interested in your products and the hashtags related to it.