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TheOneSpy is multi-platform tracking software intended for legitimate monitoring of cell phones and computer devices. The software allows parents, employers and spouses to track Android phones, iPhones, Mac computers and Windows computers of their kids, workers and significant others. Loaded with numerous features, the app allows tracking and controlling the functionalities of the targeted device through an online account. The price of the software varies with targeted device’s operating system, package plans and subscription period.

Smartphone & Computer Tracking Software Features

phone spy software

The phone spy software wide range of features to track the targeted computer and mobile phone. We have rounded up here only the main features of the app.

Spy on Messages

The mobile phone tracking software lets you read the messages transmitted and received by your target on the monitored device. You can track the short messages, MMS, iMessage and instant messages. Meanwhile, you can see the message time details and the phone number of message sender and recipient.

Call Recording

The Android lets you listen to the inward and outward phone calls of your target by recording all calls received and made from the targeted cell phone. You can also monitor call logs indicating the call time, duration and caller and receiver’s phone number and name.

Track Social & IM Apps

The popular messengers and social media apps can be tracked with the high-tech Android monitoring app. It allows monitoring Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Facebook, Tinder, Kik, Line, Viber, Vine, WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram, IMO, Zalo and Yahoo messenger. You can read the messages and see the photos, videos and audios exchanged via these apps with individuals and groups.

Screen Recording

The spy app lets you capture the activities being performed on the monitored cell phone and MAC computers. You can make a short video of the monitored device’s screen in real-time or at scheduled time.

Monitor Surroundings

The spy app lets you monitor surroundings of the targeted mobile phone and computer. You can distantly operate the targeted device’s cameras and microphone to monitor and record the surroundings.

Track Emails

The email tracking feature of the spy app works both on the computer and mobile phones. You can track the emails sent and received on the monitored devices and see email addresses of the communicating individuals and groups.

Access Keylogs

The spy app gets access to the keystrokes of the targeted cell phone and the computer including the keylogs of username, passwords, emails and messengers. It enables close monitoring of the online and email accounts of the target.

MIC bug & Camera bug

It empowers a user to sneak into the conversation happen on the mac machine and the surround sounds with the help of MIC bug and a user can even capture images by hacking the front camera of the MAC machine to get to know who is up to the device by using the Mac camera bug of the MAC surveillance spyware.

Track Web History

The cell phone and computer monitoring software allows supervising the internet use on the monitored devices. It shows the detail of the websites visited on the monitored devices using multiple internet browsers.

Sneak into Photo Gallery

The photos, videos and other files stored on the monitored phone can be seen and downloaded from the spy app account.

Track GPS Location

The location tracking allows identifying the current location of the targeted device. The spy app lets you trace the current and earlier locations of the target. Also, it allows marking numerous locations to be notified of the entrance and departure of the target from marked locations.

phone spy software

Manage Phonebook

You can see the contacts saved on the targeted phone and manage the contact list by distantly deleting unwanted numbers and inserting new numbers.

Control Mobile Apps

The spy app lets you control the applications installed on the monitored phone. You can block, unblock and uninstall the mobile apps. Lock and unlock the targeted phone and block messaging and internet access on the monitored phone.

Bottom line

That’s not all. TheOneSpy cell phone and computer tracking software offers complete monitoring solution to parents, spouses and employers. You can visit the website to see the detail of the software.


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