In any type of business, it is essential that companies invest in digital marketing, especially during the period when the world is increasingly connected. Therefore, having an updated corporate website that adapts to new objectives according to market trends is very important.

Our web development company offers services so your company’s digital area is always aligned with the public and goals. We provide gradual development of the website, with a focus on results and functionality for users.

In this post, we will show the importance of Growth Driven Design for your website. Check out!

The role of Growth Driven Design

GDD is a methodology that has as main functionalities the construction and optimization of companies’ websites. Its focus is on achieving the goals set during planning, based on analysis of results, data and persona. Growth Driven Design helps your company achieve goals according to your business, whether it’s converting leads or simply improving the navigation of old customers.

The difference in building the site

During the process of building your corporate website, you can choose a traditional method or through Growth Driven Design. GDD has some advantages, such as the shorter development time (about 2 months) compared to the traditional way. In addition, GDD creates a website based on analysis of proven data and provides a constant update of the website.

The importance of Growth Driven Design

This methodology is very important, mainly, to facilitate the navigation of its users and to keep its website constantly updated. It is essential to have a page that presents exactly the information that your customer is looking for. With frequent updates, GDD helps your company to create a successful online identity and a seller website.

Enhancement of functions

To maintain a good optimization of your website, it is essential that it has up-to-date information, good use of keywords, a conversion design that catches the attention of its users and moderate presence of advertisements. Growth Driven Design is responsible for improving these functions that facilitate the public’s access and navigation on its website.

Consumer behavior on the internet

While the traditional construction of a website is based on assumptions, guesses and what the public may like, GDD uses analysis of proven data and consumer behavior on the internet to do this. This is a great way to build a website with all the information needed to assist users and potential customers of your company in a personalized way.

Cost reduction and rework

With much easier navigation, fewer distractions and relevant information that is very apparent, the public tends to be more and more satisfied and engaged. This helps to reduce service costs and manual updates. With a methodology that provides interaction between all stages of the process, there is also a reduction in rework with the help of GDD.