Google ads agency Sydney

If you are an advertiser who is looking to start capitalising on the number of searches taking place on Google every day, and quickly earn your prospects’ attention, you must grow your bottom line. There is no better way to start than by investing in Google Ads. From big brands to your local competitors, everyone runs Google Ads campaigns these days. In fact, some large businesses are spending millions of dollars each year on it and enjoying the results! Saying so doesn’t mean that you cannot succeed with your small budget. When managed properly, Google Ads can be just as successful for small businesses as it is for established brands.

If you haven’t tried Google Ads before and is wondering whether investing in it is sensible, this blog is for you. Here are two good reasons from the experts at Adwords agency Sydney to use Google Ads.

Google’s reach:

By investing in Google Ads, you can take advantage of Google’s massive reach. These days Google has grown itself beyond a brand to a verb. Nowadays, whenever people have a query that needs an answer, their first stop is generally Google.

Want a remedy for that neck pain you have been having?

Google it!

Want to find a good restaurant nearby?

Google it!

In fact, Google handles a whooping 2+ trillion searches like these every year. That’s more than 5 billion searches per day.

Google ads agency Sydney

Between those are people searching for a service that your business can offer. If they use the internet, they would have Googled the answer to something. Now if you could help them find the answer, even if it’s with an advertisement, they are more likely to choose you compared to your competitors. Cool!

Target a range of people:

With Google, there is something for every business and at every stage of a buyer’s journey.

Say for example, if you are a restaurant owner and bidding on broad key terms similar to ‘best restaurants in Sydney’ will display your ad to the prospects during the research process and let you fill the top of your funnel with two simple but powerful ways:

Capture their info with your post-click landing page and send them useful content that shows your authority.

One more powerful way for adding to your customer base is focusing on long-tail keyword search terms. These usually are less expensive, and they are worth it for capturing your prospects attention. Majority of the times people who are searching long, specific strings of keywords have more intention. That intent is what makes them so valuable.

Google Ads is an incredible strategy that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of. However, it works best when used together with other tactics, just like any other marketing strategies. It is a channel that helps your business to appear in front of your potential customers when they are looking for your services online. If you are interested in learning more, talk to experts in Google ads agency Sydney.