Hiring a New Zealand PBX provider is affordable provided you choose a reliable service Telco with a solid reputation. Working with a reputable provider also guarantees your cloud experience will be a positive one. More often than not, negative reviews about the PBX system were the result to a bad encounter with a less than dependable provider.

For this reason, you’re in good company with Digital Island. This New Zealand PBX provider has earned the trust of worldwide brands. It counts Samsung, Hansells Food Group, and Red Bull as part of its large clientele across the country.

Why Hire a New Zealand PBX Provider?

Admittedly, small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the capital for a high-end, fancy telecommunication system. As a business owner with limited resources, you have to prioritize expenses. However, doing business in a digital society demands a phone system with the desired capability to meet these requirements.

The technical aspect of setting up your business VoIP requires the services of a New Zealand PBX provider. However, be wary of those who would offer you a cookie cutter solution to your phone system needs. A setup takes into account items like PBX phones, cables, power, and router. A reputable provider would give you an accurate estimate. Moreover, they should make allowances for your specific business operation.

Tips on Choosing a New Zealand PBX Provider

Your choice of New Zealand PBX provider dictates the kind of service you can expect in the end. Hence, it’s important to keep these factors in mind when assessing your options.

Assess your own business to determine your current needs as well as future requirements. You’ll want to hire a provider who offers scalability. This means their PBX system can work within your present setup. At the same time, it can grow as your company progresses into the future.

Does it offer a trial period? This opportunity lets you try out their service without great financial risk. In addition, research what fees are applicable in the service agreement as this can vary among different providers.

Digital Island’s Cloud PBX Pricing

Digital Island offers a flat rate pricing per user for their Cloud PBX at $ 29. This monthly rate includes Voicemail to email service, a phone line, PBX functionality, twinning, and DDI number. However, take note rates do apply for land to mobile and international calls.

In addition, they charge a one-off fee for installation and user training. However, your support, upgrades, and phone system maintenance are free.

What Sets Digital Island Apart from the Rest?

Digital Island holds the distinction of delivering a proven North American phone system technology. In addition to its technical capability, the 100% New Zealand owned and operated Telco delivers first-rate customer service. Thus, you can easily reach out to them when problems arise in your PBX system.

For your greater confidence in working with Digital Island, the company offers a 30 Day No Risk No Cost Guarantee. In the event their Cloud PBX system doesn’t meet your specifications, you only need to call them to request its removal. They’ll also refund you for handset rentals, installation charges, and extensions.