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          The game of counter strike global offence is a very much liked game all over the world. Ever since it was launched many people have become hooked on to it and many newplayers are joining the games from everywhere. The game like evry other games that was developed has its own important features which is different from the other. Here the innovative element is added which is the addition of arms as you progress towards the game. The two sides attack and counter attack each other trying to either harm the hostages or safeguard them in every move of the game. This is to be played not in the open but in the streets, inside buildings and the game has its own bloodshed and thrilling moments. In order to play the game each player has to have the accounts and you can buy them from the website and obtain the CSGO Smurf Accounts and start playing the game at any level that you wish to start. They have the demonstration and the replay of the game available online so that you can get to learn what it is all about even before you start playing it.

For more details on the game you can click on the link given above.

Check the levels:

  • The game is played at various levels as can be seen from the motion demo of it and each level is given a certain point and the total of sixteen points is available for the taking.
  • The players move up in the game by obtaining more points at every move they make and they way they progress towards the target point.
  • The players have many badges and medals to achieve as you go ahead of the game and they can be bought online from the website easily.
  • They have different levels of the games just for the players and the accounts and the features of each are detailed in the webpage and you can avail the various accounts that you are looking for from the webpage.
  • Theprice of the accounts is available right beside the details which you can consider to buy.
  • They deliver the accounts immediately to the customers even when they are offline.
  • They give much importance to the customers and respond to the queries about the CSGO Smurf Accounts promptly and you can also chat on the option that is available on the webpage on