Application programming interface; this great API, a medium of interaction between machine and human

API stands for Application programming interface, they were created around 1960 and since then, they are prevalent in use. These APIs are the basic unit for developing application software. In other words it can be termed as a defined method of communication between different software components.This great API plays an important role in the world of communication between a user and a machine.

this great API

How does it work?

An API can be a web based program or system, any operating systems, software library or computer hardware. Its specification may take many shapes and forms, but generally they are being known for including data structures, variables, object classes, remote cells and many more. We can obtain the most appropriate answer from breaking down all three acronyms in API as follows:

  • Application: this stands for the application which is generally confronted by most of us now and then. For instance, using an ATM machine you are needed to walk up to any of the ATM where you will expect that it will allow you an access to your account completing the transaction like cash withdraw. Same as an ATM an app provides methods or functions to its user but requiring communication between a user and machine.
  • Programming: this stands for the programming aspect of a particular application, for instance, an ATM requires a mediator which translates the input and output commands as needed. The function of this translation is possible because of these programming languages which interpret the user friendly language to machine language so that the machine may understand the commands and instructions given by user.
  • Interface: Interface or User interface is that base in which we are communicating with machine. For example, using an ATM machine we interact with screen of that machine, keypads and cash slots from where we receive the cash, they are known as interface. These interfaces enable us to interact with that application which we desire to operate.

Functions of an API:

As a website uses a specific URL address to hit a call to the server and retrieve a web page in browser, same an API provides the facility of calling a server but their execution is much simpler as compared to the web pages. Theybehave as open source software and connect web pages, allowing developers, software application and sites that could tap into databases and services. They perform this function as such a universal plug converter is providing a standard set of commands.

Hence, this great API plays an important role in dealing with machines as they are the medium providers which enable users to interact with machines easily and efficiently.